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Vietnam Travel Video Guide

Jul 19, 2015 by     25 Comments    Posted under: Travel Guide Videos

Travel video about destination Vietnam. North Vietnam is still ruled by communism but in the south the hammer and sickle fades into capitalism that is gradually beginning to dominate all. One…
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Chiang Mai Travel Video Guide

Jul 18, 2015 by     17 Comments    Posted under: Chiang Mai

Travel video about destination Chiang Mai in Thailand. Chiang Mai is the most important city in northern Thailand and is located within a fertile river valley three hundred metres above sea…

Ethiopia Travel Video Guide

Jun 16, 2015 by     15 Comments    Posted under: Travel Guide Videos

Travel video about destination Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a mysterious, mountainous land in the Horn Of Africa and birthplace of Early Christianity. A country of rock churches in the north and…
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Train Ride in Thailand from Chiang Mai to Bangkok Travel Video: Thai Railways การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย

Jun 5, 2015 by     16 Comments    Posted under: Chiang Mai

This is a travel video where we showcases our train ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand on a sleeper berth 14 hour journey. This is one of the many train rides we hope to take while…
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Sememangnya Thailand dianggap syurga dunia sama ada untuk menikmati keseronokan berlibur atau membeli-belah. Terserah masing-masing untuk menentukan ke arah mana hendak mereka pilih …
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The Best Songkran Video – Chiang Mai, THAILAND (2013)

May 27, 2015 by     36 Comments    Posted under: Chiang Mai

Songkran Festival is the most popular festival in Thailand, it celebrates the Thai New Year and the official start of summer (April 12-15). It’s the World’s Biggest Water Fight !!! Splashing…
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CHIANG MAI // THE BEAUTY OF DIVERSITY  (เชียงใหม่เมืองแห่งความหลากหลาย)

” เชียงใหม่ เมืองแห่งความหลากหลาย ” (CHIANGMAI – THE BEAUTY OF DIVERSITY -) เรานำเสนอเมืองเชียงใ…

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